Privacy Policy

Information That We Collect

Information that you enter on our site may be retained and stored by us, as well as any information that you send to us in other ways. This can include things such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail addresses, fax number, or billing information.

As you book your site, you may be asked about preferences regarding where you would like to stay on your trip, your frequent flyer number and information, as well as the kind of car you would like to rent. We will store this information, as this is necessary to make sure your package is exactly what you want. We also may need certain information in order to register you as a member of our site, to allow you to take part in contests and surveys we may have, and other situations.

Information We Share

The information that you give us may be shared with the suppliers of your golf package. This includes the airline, car rental agency, hotel, or other suppliers necessary for booking your trip. These services come from a third-party entity. We will not give them your e-mail address unless they need it to complete your package.

Other personal information is not limited regarding the suppliers with whom we do business. Consumers should always check the privacy policies of all the sites with whom they are doing business. This includes travel and rental providers and their respective web sites. Some of the sites that you have purchased products from may contact you and ask for more information, as more may be needed from time to time to complete orders. If you leave a review on certain sites, they may also contact you to thank you or to get more information about your experience.

We may authorize some third-party entities to process payments and other functions for us. This can include customer service, sweepstakes, surveys, marketing, analytics, and fraud prevention – among other transactions and services. We may allow them to collect certain information for us in order to help with the quality of our site, as well as to customize orders and products for customers. They receive minimal information; only the information deemed necessary to carry out their service will they have access to. They are not permitted to use any information in any other ways. We follow a strict security program concerning data, and they are required to do the same.

Occasionally, we may enter into partnerships with service-providing businesses and businesses offering products. Their names are typically listed on the site for your convenience. As many of them may not be under our control, we recommend looking at their privacy policies so you know what they may do with your information.

If we are required to cooperate with a legal investigation, we may share your information with the relevant authorities. Instances of this may be if we are approached with a subpoena, a court order, asked to be a defendant, or any other example of cooperating with law enforcement.

Similarly, if we feel we are in a position to prevent a crime, we may share information. We feel very strongly about our customers’ personal rights and privacy, as well as our own.

If we decide to merge with another company, you may face a changed privacy policy. This includes other changes such as consolidation, asset sales, bankruptcy, divestiture, or other corporate transactions.

While personal information is guarded, we may share some anonymous information with certain advertisers or investors in our business. For instance, statistics such as web site traffic, hotel preferences, or other anonymous information may be shared. This does not include any personal information, and is used to help personalize and customize customers’ experiences on our web sites.